B.Voc (Data & Web Analytics)
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b.voc colleges in punjab



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Punjab Institute of Management & Technology (PIMT) understands the student’s needs by providing the best vocational courses in Punjab India in Data & Web AnalyticsPIMT is recognized as one of the best b.voc colleges in Punjab India for providing full job placement assistance to its students upon graduation.

B.Voc degree courses in Punjab at PIMT contains the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns or summery in business data. During B.Voc in Data & Web Analytics, students will learn software application and business oriented software which are being used in IT industry and in E-business such as CRM, ERP, Hadoop, SPSS etc.



Innovation is the popular word today. While some youngsters are more focused towards studies and choose for higher education in Technology and Management etc., others are more interested in vocational courses near me.

Considering the prevailing scenario, Punjab Institute of Management & Technology (PIMT) is now offering Bachelor of Vocational Courses in Data & Web Analytics as well. Armed with a proper degree, students would feel confident to pursue what they really love in b.voc colleges near me.

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc)
B.Voc Courses in Punjab

COURSE DETAILS – B.Voc Colleges in Punjab

Duration: On very new and fresh grounds, PIMT had launched a Three year (6 semesters) course

Type: Diploma and Degree Programme


ELIGIBILITY – B.Voc in Data & Web Analytics

A candidate must have passed 10th with one subject Mathematics statics


Why PIMT for Vocational Courses in Punjab?

  • Bachelor of Vocational Course from 1st AICTE approved Institute
  • Listed Under UGC 2[f]
  • Affiliated to IKG-PTU since 1997
  • 20 Years of Educational Supremacy
  • Rated A4 by AIMA & A+++ by Just Careers
  • Well Settled Students with Excellent Packages Abroad
  • Highest level of infrastructure in Punjab region
  • Industry Expert Lecturers: We have senior industrial working lecturers equipped with in-depth knowledge of B.Voc degree courses
  • 100% Placement Support: We have an expert team to line up your placement drives until you get the job
Vocational Colleges in Punjab
Vocational Courses in Punjab


Through B.Voc degree courses in India, you have multiple career opportunities and a higher pay scale. Upon joining the bachelor of vocational courses at the best B.Voc Colleges in India, you can open your doors to lucrative job opportunities.

Below given are some of the job profiles to consider:

  • Software developer
  • Web developer
  • Associate analyst
  • Business Solution Provider
  • Business Consultant
  • Software application Architecture